Increasing Productivity with Telecalling Devices


Increasing Productivity with Telecalling Devices

The Power of Telecalling

Telecalling devices are revolutionizing the way businesses connect with their customers. With the ability to make 700 to 1000 calls in a single day, telecallers can significantly increase their productivity and generate 5 to 6 inquiries. These inquiries can then be followed up to close deals and grow the business.

Connecting the Device

Connecting the telecalling device to your system is a simple process. All you need to do is connect the wire from the device to your laptop and add the telephone instrument. This allows you to receive calls and make calls directly from the device. The power of the device is turned on as soon as you download and install the necessary software.

Setting Up the Device

Once the device is connected, you can set up the necessary configurations. One important setting is the Interactive Voice Response (IVR). The IVR allows you to add pre-recorded messages that can guide callers through different options. You can add up to 9 slots in the IVR, each slot representing a different campaign or purpose. For example, you can set up one slot for sales inquiries and another slot for customer support.

In addition to the IVR, you can also customize the response settings. This includes assigning specific actions to different keys on the mobile keypad. For example, you can set up the star key to indicate interest in a callback and the hash key to signify a disinterested response.

Managing Contacts and Reports

Managing contacts is made easy with the telecalling device. You can upload contact data from an Excel file, which can include multiple fields such as name, number, and location. The device also allows you to delete old data and start fresh with new contacts.

Once your contacts are uploaded, you can start making calls. The device will display the mobile number on the screen, and you can make calls one by one. As you make calls, you can update the response in real-time, and the device will automatically capture the updates. This data can then be exported to an Excel file for further analysis.

Improving Performance with Reports

The telecalling device provides valuable insights into your calling performance. The device generates graphs that visualize your daily calls and updates. This allows you to track your progress and make data-driven decisions to improve your calling strategy.

By maintaining a record of your calling activities in an Excel file, you can easily refer back to previous calls and maintain a comprehensive database of your interactions with customers. This can be useful for future reference and analysis.

With the power of telecalling devices, businesses can increase their productivity and efficiently connect with their customers. By leveraging the features of these devices, businesses can streamline their calling processes and improve their overall performance.

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